Automate, automate, automate

Just like snowflakes, almost no two freight invoices are identical. Starting with delivery, vendors may provide their invoices and backup via APIs, email, fax, or even mail. Once received, capturing the right data can be an even greater challenge – text may be computer generated or hand-written.

Regardless of delivery method, the Navix Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) uses a combination of OCR and AI to streamline the document categorization and data capture processes, providing our clients with a scalable, accurate solution to maximize ROI. We apply a confidence threshold to every data point captured to ensure the correct information is recorded for each and every data field – this provides increased audit accuracy and efficiency.

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Put people on the important stuff​

We know that you can’t automate everything in the invoicing process.

Use our team of white-glove experts to handle the audits that need special attention.

Use any TMS (or ERP, for that matter)​

Our technology plays nicely with others, so you can work with us today.

Stop waiting around for tools that can’t work with your systems and start modernizing your auditing process.

View carrier and customer analytics​

See which carriers are your best partners in real-time, rather than waiting for monthly reports.

Grow the carrier partnerships that matter to keep customer satisfaction high.

Automate Your Freight Audit and Invoicing

It’s definitely growing with your business, so it’s
definitely worth automating.