Navix for Shippers

Process invoices, audits, and payments at scale – and keep your profits in your pocket.

Automate, automate, automate​

Mundane tasks are best left to the bots.

Eliminate human error from repetitive, tedious tasks like verifying carriers, resolving duplicates, and optimizing payments.

Put people on the important stuff​

We know that you can’t automate everything in the invoicing process.

Use our team of white-glove experts to handle the audits that need special attention.

Use any TMS (or ERP, for that matter)​

Our technology plays nicely with others, so you can work with us today.

Stop waiting around for tools that can’t work with your systems and start modernizing your auditing process.

View carrier and customer analytics​

See which carriers are your best partners in real time, rather than waiting for monthly reports.

Grow the carrier partnerships that matter to keep customer satisfaction high.

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We’re never going back to auditing and invoicing without Navix. In two years, our profitability is up 10x – and our customers are happier than ever.

Ryan Keepman

CEO, Evans Transportation

Handle more freight volume with happier customers and more profits.

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