Navix Platform

Learn how we help you pay the right invoice, on time, every time.

Automation that helps you scale

Don’t let outdated freight audit and payment processes curb your business growth.

Process invoices with our software-as-a-service. That’s right – we’re not just software, we’re a service, too.

Visibility, whenever you want

Which carriers are giving you the best bang for buck in the past 6 months? Who is easiest to work with?

Keep a pulse on your business and catch important issues early with analytics and carrier scorecards.

Smarter audits over time

You deserve software that gets smarter as your business gets bigger.

Our AI learns from the millions of invoice and billing tasks it handles to constantly improve (and our expert auditors help make sure everything goes right).

Integrations with anything

Don’t let the tools you use hold you back from the tools you could be using.

Go beyond single-point solutions to build automation that your team has only dreamed of.

Data security taken seriously

We keep your data (and our platform) safe using techniques that meet or exceed industry standards.

That means your data is in its own realm, securely protected, and never shared.

Handle more freight volume with happier customers and more profits.

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