With Navix, you won’t just fuel growth, you’ll accelerate it.

Fund Expansion

Unlock the cash needed for expansion of your business to provide more coverage.

Boost Sales Staffing

More cash in your pocket means you can hire more sellers to strategically grow your business.

Inform Diversification

Real-time data informs your diversification plan, enabling you to allocate resources effectively.

Re-invest into Marketing

Secure ongoing access to funds for marketing and advertising.

On average, Navix increases cashflow by 30%.

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How Navix helped Evans Transportation increase profitability by 10x

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Evans faced pressure to deliver increasingly large volumes of freight while facing labor shortages. Additionally, Evans was experiencing invoicing bottle necks. This resulted in an order-to-cash cycle of more than five days which was impacting cash flow. Lastly, Evans was having to assign more personnel to their invoicing process to keep pace with volume, which kept them from focusing on other strategic areas of the business.


By implementing the Navix platform quickly, Evans benefitted from an increase in workforce efficiency. The team no longer needed to manually process invoices and were assigned to other key business areas.

By implementing Navix, Evans was able to increase volume without adding headcount and realized a 10x increase in profitability in two years.

Due to the AI enabled Navix platform, Evans was able to automate their invoicing process and reduce their order-to-cash process to under three days.

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