Automate Your Freight Audit and Payment

It’s definitely growing with your business, so it’s definitely worth automating.

More invoices audited, less drama

Process more freight invoices automatically, automating the tasks you can and outsourcing the ones you can’t.

Spend less time on paperwork and more time on customer relationships.

Automate the mundane​

Get your people doing higher leverage work.

Use cloud automation to handle boring and repetitive (but important) freight billing tasks.

Eliminate costly billing errors​​

Keep customers happy by avoiding overpaying or missing payments entirely.

Pay your invoices correctly (at the right price) on time, every time.

Use your best carrier partners​

See which carriers are your best partners in real time, rather than waiting for monthly reports.

Grow the carrier partnerships that matter to keep customer satisfaction high.

Cloud Technology Partners

We’re never going back to auditing and invoicing without Navix. In two years, our profitability is up 10x – and our customers are happier than ever.

Ryan Keepman

CEO, Evans Transportation

Handle more freight volume with happier customers and more profits.

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