Our Ingestion Process And OCR


Automatic intake

Automatic intake of invoice emails.


Categorization of all document pages

Critical to data collection and customer invoicing requirements.


Deep learning data capture

Deep learning data capture of both system-generated and hand-written text.


Field level capture requirements

Assisted by human-in-the-loop…no matter how good any capture process is, it will never collect 100% of fields. Our team fills those gaps.

We help you pay the right invoice, on time, every time


Customer-specific invoice requirements

Manage exceptions to rating and backup documents at a customer level.


Line item level validation

Compare invoice charges (e.g. base rate, fuel surcharge, accessorials) on an individual basis for accuracy.


Unique vendor/shipper conditions

Easily establish business rules that only apply to specific vendor/shipper combinations.


Time-bound business rules

All rules are bound by start and end date parameters to ensure they are applied only when applicable.

About Us

Navix is built by freight industry veterans solving their own back-office problems. Navix was founded on the idea that freight audit and payment is broken. This stuff is hard. In fact, we’ve felt the pain of doing it ourselves. Those back-office processes are outdated, clunky, and costly.

So, in 2020, we set out to solve them in a more modern way. As freight industry experts, we knew which tasks we should outsource to people, and which ones we could just automate.

“We believe that your back-office tasks are too tedious to leave to your team, but too important to fully automate.”

Automate Your Freight Audit and Payment

It’s definitely growing with your business, so it’s
definitely worth automating.