When growth is the goal, Navix is the gas pedal.

Automate your freight audit & invoicing easily with Navix, and start seeing results immediately.

The freight industry is filled with invoicing errors.

These errors can limit your growth.

Navix finds these errors and automates resolutions.

Putting revenue back into your company to help you achieve growth.

The only platform that dramatically cuts DSO.

If you’re a freight broker or 3PL, it’s all about DSO. If it’s smooth, you grow. If it’s slow, you don’t. Navix exists to help you streamline the auditing and invoicing process, so you can shrink your DSO. And that’s a reduction everyone loves.

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  • Improve Efficiencies
  • Empower Employees
  • Optimize Your Workforce

Grow your business without growing your workforce.

Don’t waste another minute on manual processes. Navix significantly reduces hours spent auditing and invoicing, so you can achieve more growth without adding more people. It takes the complex and makes it simple, while improving accuracy in the process. With Navix, your company spends less time grinding and more time growing.

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Go from "Mistakes Happen" to "Resolved!" in just a few clicks.

With Navix, mistakes don't need to be part of business as usual. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we use your data to create insights that can prevent them. By focusing less on finding and correcting mistakes, your company can move forward with increased growth.

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Discrepancies Resolved

Navix turns hours of invoicing into just a few minutes.

When it comes to operational visibility, you need it to be 20/20. Because when you can see perfectly, you can save optimally. Navix helps you go from disparate auditing and invoicing processes to one streamlined and integrated platform – which can produce significant cost savings. So instead of looking around for things, you can look forward.


Start seeing green immediately


  • step1


    We kick off the discovery phase, where we’ll assess your workflow, business rules, and master data.

  • step2


    Each week, you’ll receive progress updates and real-time visibility into any action items we have for you via onboarding.navix.io.


  • step3


    We focus on configuring, optimizing, and automating the Navix platform to fit your users’ preferences and workflows.

  • step4


    All orders, invoices, and disputes are audited and processed together with incoming and outgoing documents.

All Systems Go

  • step5


    User acceptance testing (UAT) and training begins to ensure a successful and efficient launch of your new platform.

  • step6


    Navix will always be there for ongoing learning and dynamic fine-tuning to keep things optimized, day in and day out.

Capture data in real time, every minute of the day.

Just imagine: the constant flow of valuable insights created from real-time data – from the moment you turn on Navix. These powerful analytics seamlessly integrate into your company’s day-to-day activities and support your digital transformation into the future.

  • 13%

    of Invoices Have Exceptions

  • 37%

    of Invoices Were Adjusted

  • $575k

    of YTD Savings

  • 928

    Duplicated Invoices

  • 8%

    of Invoices are Disputed

  • 3

    Days to Process, on Average

Artificial intelligence puts your data to work with relevant trends and actionable insights.

Hard at work to effortlessly unveil hidden trends within your company's data, Navix delivers valuable insights that were previously undiscovered. Transformative analyses will not only guide your decision making, but will also become the catalyst for nurturing the growth of your business, over time, and in ways you’ve never imagined.


Of your deliveries, only 37% are requiring lift gates while 58% of them are residential deliveries.

  • 58%

    Locations requiring Residential Delivery

  • 37%

    Locations requiring Lift Gate

Actionable Insight

Review address profile in TMS as this charge is missing lift gate accessorial 95% of the time.

Less errors means more trust. More trust builds loyalty.

Carriers want accurate and efficient auditing and invoicing. The more they get that, the more trust they place in you. And increased trust often leads to longer customer relationships with favorable terms. When you take steps towards more efficiency by using Navix, you take steps towards increased carrier happiness.

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And now a word from our customers

“In two years, our profitability is up
10x thanks to Navix.”

Ryan Keepman CEO

“With Navix, our workforce efficiency has increased by 90%.

Cameron Ramsdell CEO

“We worked with Navix to realize a 20% drop in Accounts Receivables 30+ days past due”

Brian Hastings CEO

Your growth goals start with one click.