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Our improvement in accounts receivable and accounts payable has led to us achieving a 99% carrier satisfaction rate. We have also increased our cash flow by 45% thanks to Navix.

– Eric Evchich; HaulRight Corporation

Accurate Billing Every Time 

In the world of third-party logistics and freight brokerage, precision is non-negotiable. An error in billing or payment can cost you money and credibility. Navix delivers bulletproof accuracy in every invoice. Our AI-powered intelligent document processing scrutinizes each line item, ensuring that what you bill or pay is exactly what it should be. No more overcharges. No more discrepancies. Just the pure, unadulterated truth in numbers. 

Reduced Costs 

Time spent correcting mistakes or navigating through traditional invoicing is time lost time that could be better used to grow your business. By automating this critical back-office function, Navix slashes your operational costs. Human error is minimized. Resource allocation is optimized. The result is a leaner operation where profits stay where they belong—in your pocket. 

Saved Time 

The freight industry is fast paced. The more quickly you can move from one task to another, the better. Navix turns hours of auditing and invoicing into minutes. The seamless automation integrates directly into your existing carrier portals, transportation management systems, ERPs, and accounting systems. The outcome is a faster cycle time from service delivery to cash in hand. 

Peace of Mind 

With Navix, you do not just get a service; you get certainty. Knowing that each invoice is both precise and cost-effective lets you focus on what truly matters—building relationships, strategizing expansion and enjoying a better work-life balance. With Navix, peace of mind is not an extra but a guarantee. 

What Is A Freight Audit? 

A freight audit systematically verifies freight bills to identify and rectify any errors, inconsistencies, or inefficiencies. This process has traditionally been cumbersome and error prone. Navix transforms it into a streamlined, foolproof operation. 

What Does a Parcel Audit Entail? 

A parcel audit is a specialized subset of a freight audit that deals specifically with smaller shipments. It examines the intricacies of parcel invoices to identify incorrect charges, service failures, or policy non-compliance. Just like with freight audits, Navix brings the same level of surgical accuracy to parcel audits. 

How Do Navix Freight Audit Services Work? 

Our solution employs advanced AI algorithms to scrutinize invoices and related documents. After ingestion, these algorithms cross-reference the data against the terms in your carrier contracts. Any inconsistencies are flagged immediately for review. The validated data seamlessly integrates into your existing systems from here, ready for final billing or payment. 

How to Get Started? 

Initiating your journey towards flawless freight and parcel audits with Navix is straightforward. Contact our sales team, who will guide you through a brief assessment to identify your needs. Once the groundwork is laid, our software integrates into your existing infrastructure, and you are set to go. There are no lengthy installations and no complicated setups. This is efficiency redefined. 

Choose Navix. Choose the future of freight audit. 

Automate Your Freight Audit and Invoicing

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