Automation, accuracy, speed

Traditional freight audit and pay companies only perform a contract audit. While this step is important to ensure your vendors are billing accurately, it ignores the original TMS order details. Navix performs a three-way match on all bills:

This process not only enables the accurate payment of your vendor bills but also eliminates the potential for fraud and supports root cause identification of discrepancies.

Put people on the important stuff​

We know that you can’t automate everything in the invoicing and billing process.

Use our team of white-glove experts to handle the audits that need special attention all while knowing which carriers are your best partners in real-time, rather than waiting for monthly reports.

Automated workflows

Create workflows and business rules that apply GL coding automatically to every transaction.

Set specific business logic for each customer and carrier rather than manually having to adjust each time.

Use any TMS (or ERP, for that matter)​

Our 3PL Software plays nicely with others, so you can work with us today.

Stop waiting around for tools that can’t work with your systems and start modernizing your auditing process.

View carrier and customer analytics​

See which carriers are your best partners in real-time, rather than waiting for monthly reports.

Grow the carrier partnerships that matter to keep customer satisfaction high.

3PL Software FAQs:

What is Navix?

Navix is a cutting-edge software platform explicitly designed for Third-Party Logistics providers (3PLs). Powered by advanced AI and intelligent document processing, Navix revolutionizes freight invoicing. With seamless integration into carrier portals, transportation management systems, ERPs, and accounting systems, Navix streamlines and automates the entire billing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency like never before. Say goodbye to manual data entry, cumbersome paperwork, and billing errors—Navix is here to transform how you handle your invoicing tasks.

How does Navix benefit 3PLs?

Navix brings unparalleled benefits to 3PLs, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and optimize their operations. By leveraging AI-powered intelligent document processing, Navix eliminates the need for manual invoice processing and data entry. This saves valuable time and significantly reduces errors, ensuring accurate and timely payments. With Navix, you can seamlessly integrate with carrier portals, transportation management systems, ERPs, and accounting systems, allowing for a smooth and efficient flow of information across all platforms. By automating the billing process, Navix empowers 3PLs to enhance productivity, improve cash flow, and deliver exceptional customer service.

How to Get Started?

Getting started with Navix is simple and hassle-free. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition to our software platform. To begin, schedule a personalized demo with one of our experts. During the demo, we will walk you through the key features and functionalities of Navix, showcasing how it can specifically address the unique needs and challenges of your 3PL business. Following the demo, our team will work closely with you to customize Navix to align with your existing systems and processes. We will provide comprehensive training to your staff, ensuring they can leverage Navix to its full potential. With Navix, you will experience a rapid and smooth onboarding process, empowering your 3PL business to unlock new efficiency, accuracy, and profitability levels

At Navix, we are committed to providing a billing automation solution that revolutionizes how 3PLs operate. Our confident, direct, and authoritative approach, combined with a helpful and approachable tone, aims to solve your billing challenges and leave you with a positive experience. Embrace the power of Navix and elevate your 3PL business to new heights of success.

Automate Your Freight Audit and Invoicing

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