ShipNova is Poised for Growth with new Navix Automation Partnership

Navix and ShipNova

Texas-based 3PL leverages trusted AI and machine learning platform,, to automate back-office operations and gain a competitive edge.

Minnetonka, MN, July 2nd, 2024 – Navix, the leader in automated freight audit and invoicing solutions announced a new partnership with ShipNova, a rapidly growing transportation logistics provider. By implementing Navix’s AI-powered platform, ShipNova expects to drive greater operational efficiencies in its accounting processes, accelerate cash flow, and support the continued expansion of its business.

“Keeping up with manual accounting tasks like invoicing has been a major challenge as we’ve scaled our business and look to expand our less-than-truckload (LTL) services,” said Travis Green, Co-Founder of ShipNova. “We are very excited to find a solution with Navix. It allows us to grow with confidence knowing that billing is being executed accurately and fast. I am personally looking forward to the relief it will create in managing the exceptions and rebills.”

Before Navix, ShipNova relied on a patchwork of processes using factoring services, payment platforms, accounting software, one full-time role, and Relay Payments to manage accounts payable and receivable cycles. This resulted in invoice processing delays ranging from same-day to weeks after delivery. Key metrics like Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and volume of invoices processed per person per day were difficult to control.

As they searched for a solution, ShipNova ultimately chose Navix because of the in-depth review that Navix took to understand their business which gave them confidence in the platform. This attention to detail has carried over into the onboarding process which has only served to affirm that ShipNova made the right decision. Additionally, Navix’s integration with Relay Payments made the choice quite clear.

Through the Navix platform, ShipNova expects to create efficiencies in its accounting department, speed up payables processes, increase scalability with little to no mistakes, and ultimately accelerate its cash flow to fuel business expansion.

“ShipNova understands that automated billing is critical for the modern freight business,” said Eric Krueger, Co-founder and CEO of Navix. “We’re proud to partner with their visionary team and provide a tailored solution to remove manual back-office headaches so they can focus on revenue-driving activities and expanding their business.”

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Navix automates freight audit & invoicing for freight brokers and 3PLs easily and delivers results immediately. Navix reduces DSO by a minimum of 3 days, which improves cash flow that can be re-invested in your organization. Navix uses machine learning and AI to flag errors instantly and enable auto resolutions, and easy disputes without having to search for a single pdf, invoice, or document. This enables workers to perform more efficiently and effectively and allows them to focus on the growth of their business. For more information, visit

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