Ensure accurate freight audit with Navix: Streamlined software for efficient invoice processing and seamless integration. Book a demo today! 

Our improvement in accounts receivable and accounts payable has led to us achieving a 99% carrier satisfaction rate. We have also increased our cash flow by 45% thanks to Navix.

– Eric Evchich; HaulRight Corporation

Accurate Billing Every Time 

In the world of third-party logistics and freight brokerage, precision is non-negotiable. An error in billing or payment can cost you money and credibility. Navix delivers bulletproof accuracy in every invoice. Our AI-powered intelligent document processing scrutinizes each line item, ensuring that what you bill or pay is exactly what it should be. No more overcharges. No more discrepancies. Just the pure, unadulterated truth in numbers. 

Reduced Costs 

Time spent correcting mistakes or navigating through traditional invoicing is time lost time that could be better used to grow your business. By automating this critical back-office function, Navix slashes your operational costs. Human error is minimized. Resource allocation is optimized. The result is a leaner operation where profits stay where they belong—in your pocket. 

Saved Time 

The freight industry is fast paced. The more quickly you can move from one task to another, the better. Navix turns hours of auditing and invoicing into minutes. The seamless automation integrates directly into your existing carrier portals, transportation management systems, ERPs, and accounting systems. The outcome is a faster cycle time from service delivery to cash in hand. 

Peace of Mind 

With Navix, you do not just get a service; you get certainty. Knowing that each invoice is both precise and cost-effective lets you focus on what truly matters—building relationships, strategizing expansion and enjoying a better work-life balance. With Navix, peace of mind is not an extra but a guarantee. 

Are you ready to transform your freight brokerage with Navix? Contact us today and begin your journey to efficiency and profitability.

Freight Broker FAQs

What is Navix?
Navix is your answer to the age-old struggles of manual audit and invoice processing. We understand the pain points of back-office tasks in the freight industry because we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we created Navix—a software platform that leverages AI-powered document processing to revolutionize how you handle freight invoicing.

Say goodbye to outdated, clunky processes and say hello to efficiency and accuracy. We’ve distilled our industry expertise into Navix, a powerful tool that simplifies the complex world of freight audit and invoicing.

How does Navix benefit Freight Brokers?
Navix saves you time and maximizes your profits by streamlining your invoicing workflow, ensuring every detail is accurate and accounted for. You can trust us to handle the tedious work so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.

Errors, disputes, and lost revenue will be a thing of the past. Navix automates the entire billing process, from document intake to reconciliation, reducing costly mistakes and ensuring you lower your days sales outstanding (DSO) and maximize cash flow. We’ve cracked the code to make your back-office tasks effortless.

How to Get Started?
Getting started with Navix is as straightforward as our software. Our team is ready to onboard you and integrate our software into your existing systems. We understand that every business is unique, so we tailor our solution to fit your needs.

Automate Your Freight Audit and Invoicing

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