Navix and Turvo Announce Integration Partnership to Streamline Freight Management

Navix + Turvo Turvo and Announce Integration Partnership to Streamline Freight Management

Minnetonka, MN, April 17, 2024 –  Navix has partnered with Turvo Inc. (“Turvo” or “the Company”), a provider of a leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain. This partnership promises to bring efficiency and growth to freight brokers and 3PLs through optimizing document retrieval and automating freight audit processes.  

Eric Krueger, CEO and Co-Founder of Navix, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled about this partnership and the immediate growth impact it will have on our joint customers. Navix and Turvo customers will have the opportunity to grow their business with no additional headcount and we look forward to seeing our customers significantly improve their cash flow.”

Navix automates freight audit and invoicing for freight brokers and 3PLs, delivering immediate results by reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by a minimum of three days. By integrating with Turvo’s robust TMS platform, Navix aims to enhance operational efficiency by at least 50%, enabling organizations to scale profitably. Navix’s machine learning and AI capabilities instantly flag errors, facilitating auto-resolutions and easy disputes without manual intervention.

“We have partnered with both Navix & Turvo for the past several years and this integration is going to maximize our value and efficiency,” said Brian Hastings, CEO and Co-founder of Veritas Logistics. “We’re very excited about the future ahead and what this integration will mean for the growth of our business.” 

Samantha Foley, Chief Growth Officer of Turvo, commented on the partnership, saying, “By integrating Navix’s automation capabilities into our platform, we empower our users to streamline their operations, accelerate financial liquidity, and achieve efficiency in their freight management processes.”

Through this collaboration, Turvo customers gain access to Navix’s advanced freight audit platform and can expect robust reporting capabilities, facilitating informed decision-making and improved business outcomes.

About Navix  

Navix automates freight audit & invoicing for freight brokers and 3PLs easily and delivers results immediately. Navix reduces DSO by a minimum of 3 days, which improves cash flow that can be re-invested in your organization. Navix uses machine learning and AI to flag errors instantly and enable auto resolutions, and easy disputes without having to search for a single pdf, invoice, or document. This enables workers to perform more efficiently and effectively and allows them to focus on the growth of their business. For more information, visit   

About Turvo:

Turvo provides a collaborative Transportation Management System (TMS) application designed specifically for the supply chain. Turvo Collaboration Cloud connects freight brokers, 3PLs, shippers, and carriers to unite supply chain ecosystems, delivering outstanding customer experiences, real-time collaboration, and accelerated growth. The technology unifies internal and external systems, providing one end-to-end solution that streamlines operations, enhances analytics, and automates business processes while eliminating redundant manual tasks. Turvo’s customers include some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 logistics service providers and shippers as well as small to mid-sized freight brokers. Turvo is based in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Hyderabad, India. (


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