Why You’re Losing Money By Not Automating: The Hidden Costs of Inefficient Freight Audit and Invoicing Processes 

In today’s fast-paced logistics industry, efficiency is the key to staying competitive. As published in Digital Journal, the freight audit and payment market is set to experience significant growth over the coming years with a predicted 11.9% CAGR.   

This growth coupled with the rise of new technologies, third-party logistics providers and freight brokers have more opportunities than ever to automate processes and save both time and money. However, many companies still hesitate to embrace automation, leaving them vulnerable to the hidden costs of inefficient freight auditing and invoicing processes. In this post, we will discuss why you’re losing money by not automating and explore the benefits of adopting a modern, technology-driven approach to freight management. 

  1. Manual Processes and Human Errors 

Manual processes are time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to human errors. Whether it’s data entry, invoice auditing, or payment processing, mistakes can lead to discrepancies, delays, and additional costs. This in turn leads to reduced profit and a poor customer experience, not to mention an elongated order-to-cash conversion process which puts an undo burden on cash flow. Additionally, this is a linear scale for your business as you continue to grow and you don’t gain exponential scale without automating. 

When organizations invest in their business by automating their freight auditing and invoicing processes, they begin to realize a reduction of errors almost down to zero and greater than a 50 percent reduction in the order-to-cash conversion process.  

  1. Inefficient Resource Utilization 

When your team spends countless hours on manual tasks, they’re not able to focus on more important aspects of your business, such as customer service, sales, or growth initiatives. Even the smallest 3PLs will spend approximately 25% of their time each week working in disparate systems, invoicing, and auditing. Through the use of machine learning and automation, organizations can realize the benefit of optimizing their resources by having them work on other strategic initiatives that can accelerate growth and improve the bottom line. 

  1. Inadequate Data Analytics and Reporting 

Data is a powerful tool for making informed decisions, but without the granularity, you will gain from automation, your data may be incomplete, outdated, or inaccurate. An automated freight audit and invoicing process can provide you with accurate, real-time data and analytics to help you identify trends, optimize your operations, and reduce costs. 

It is this insight that will enable you to maintain complete visibility over your freight audit and invoice processes. Without it, the likelihood of experiencing lost or delayed invoicing or payment, risk of theft, and poor decision-making will increase greatly. This is not uncommon in many logistics operations that do not invest in modern applications and often leads to poor customer service and experience which only serves to hurt business growth.  

  1. Slow Reaction Times 

In the logistics industry, speed is critical. Manual processes can slow down your response times, making it difficult to adapt to changing market conditions or customer demands. Automation allows you to react more quickly to changes, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and meet customer expectations. 


Embracing automation in your freight audit and invoicing processes can significantly improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help your business stay competitive in the logistics industry. By automating tasks, optimizing resources, and gaining better visibility and control, you can unlock new opportunities for growth and success. 

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